Heavenly Hugs

January 4, 2024

Minute Read

She limped as we exited the hospital elevator. Weariness was evident in her body but her face was kind and pleasant. A simple lady, dressed in the modesty and style of my Mother's generation. I was immediately drawn to her. Our pleasantries changed to personal - we both had sick husbands. It had been a long, unplanned day of serious emergencies for her. I directed her to the cafeteria. Just a "little bite" was all she needed, she said. I convinced her to accept one of the $8 meal vouchers furnished to me by the hospital. She ordered "the works". We said our bless yous and went our ways. This morning, on my way back from retrieving items from my car, I saw a lady hobbling toward the entrance with two weighty bags in one hand and her coffee mug in the other. My thought "can I lighten your load". I picked up my pace to catch up .It was my new friend - this time looking more rested and together. I took her bags. She hugged me and called me angel. In the elevator we talked about the goodness of the Lord. Before taking her bags at her floor, she gave me one more hug and a kiss on the cheek. I said, "I'll see you in heaven!" I left the elevator in tears of joy. I felt like my Mother had embraced me one more time. But truth is, it was a Holy, Heaven sent embrace. I needed the encounter with this angel on earth more than she! I needed to know that God was still paying attention to the details. I needed to be reminded that He still is personal, yet Almighty Director of the Universe! Some call them God winks! I call them Heavenly hugs!

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